There are many options for installing hardwood flooring. The nail down method is becoming increasingly popular full article installing hardwood floors. Installing hardwood floors by nailing down is the best and most straightforward method.

Contrary to many other methods that require you as a professional woodworker or a skilled amateur carpenter, installing hardwood flooring by nailing down can be accomplished by anyone who is capable of holding a hammer. The nail-down method of installing hardwood flooring doesn’t require you to be a professional woodworker or an amateur. It is important to have patience, perseverance and willingness to try different things in order to successfully install hardwood floors. It is also important to be able understand and comply with safety instructions when using tools.

These are the resources you will need to learn how to install hardwood panels

Broom and dustpan- Dust, dirt, or other debris can get caught between the boards and the grooves when you’re learning how to install hardwood flooring.

Carpenter’s Crayon — Use this to draw the guidelines for your subfloor. It is important to draw lines so that you can cut your hardwood panels.

Claw Hammer — Your clawhammer can reach areas where you cannot swing a rubber Mallet.

Cutter Knife — This knife can be used to perform unexpected tasks when installing hardwood floors. It’s used to cut any excess wood if necessary.

This tool can be used for drilling pilot holes. This will stop your flooring panels from breaking when the nails are in.

Hardwood Flooring nails (2″) — These nails hold your flooring in position.

A nailer can be either a hand hammer, or a pneumatic one. The pneumatic nailgun can be faster and more precise, but they need to be calibrated to avoid damaging your hardwood panels.

Rubber Mallet – Learn how to install hardwood floors with this rubber mallet. Press them gently together to ensure perfect surfaces. It is important that they are not too far apart. Crevices can form on your floor. They could be damaged if they get pushed together and bent.

Circular Saw- Use a circular saw to find the ends of each board as you cut your floor boards. It is also necessary that you remove all fixtures from your room.