Carpet is a necessity for any house. Carpet cleaning can also be complicated and easy find out. If your carpets are not easy to clean or are too dirty, you can trust our carpet cleaners in riverview, who are specialists in this area. However, every homeowner wants the best carpet possible for his home.

A common problem is for people to get lost when they visit a shop selling carpets, either online or offline. Because there will be many carpet products on display, it is common for people to get confused. You can start by looking at the brand, shape of motif, colour, and size. It is up to you to decide which carpet is best for you.

Before you answer these questions, it is important to understand the function of the rug. Do carpets add beauty and color to a room? Carpets can be used to create a feeling in the room. You can use carpet in a variety of ways, with carpet choices that vary. Determine first what type of carpet is needed. Then you can identify the following types and find the right one.

Types of Carpets According to Their Shape

Tile Carpet
It looks like tiles or ceramics with continuous colours and lines. It looks elegant and simple. This type is best placed in large spaces such as ballrooms and meeting rooms.

Tapestry Rugs
It is common to find this carpet in rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. Usually, the rug carpet serves two purposes: to beautify the room, and to cover the seat cushions, to make the space more cozy and relaxed.

Tape Measure
The carpet is available in meters and can be made to order. You will find many in places of worship, as prayer mats or for certain occasions.

Types Of Carpets Based On Construction

Cut Pile / Tufted
Fur rugs are usually made with machines. Also known as fur rug with or without weave.

Loop Pile (Dianyam)
The rug is either glued or weaved. Some are machine-made while others are hand-embroidered.

Types and Motives for Carpets

The motive is thick and decorated with many elements of art. Exemples include the Persian rug carpet.

Although it is simple, the motive makes an elegant impression. This design combines elements of lines with colours to create a harmonious atmosphere.